Re: iPhone 8+ and Apple Watch bundle


They stopped giving me a timeframe after my second call, and they really should not be saying 48 hours.


Used google a few times to get more info, this is the first post I have seen within the last 3 months that has identified the same issue as me.

Re: iPhone 8+ and Apple Watch bundle


I agree I thought the 48 hours might of been for the phone but that hasn’t shown up either. The first watch I ordered was an end of Life product so it wasn’t going to be restocked so I changed to one that was apparently in stock but then it wasn’t. Fingers crossed they can get stock soon I’ve been waiting 2 months so far 


Re: iPhone 8+ and Apple Watch bundle


I am also the user of apple since last year but I can't connect watch with iTunes. Tell me the procedure because I am new for them. Even I also sent a mail to a member of  Apple customer support and he didn't give me an update about this app. Can you please give the full details or any other blog to learn about Bluejeans.

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