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iPhone 8 Plus won’t charge

My iPhone 8plus has stopped charging I tried to charge it this morning with my Apple charger that came with the phone as it was on 49% charge but it said the charger was unsupported after plugging it in a number of times it started charging but took 4 hours to charge to 88% since then it won’t charge on any Apple charges I’ve tried 4 different charges all of them apple I have also tried someone else’s charger that is for an iPhone 8 tats brand new and I tried to charge it on the computer.


i have soft reset it many times and I have factory reset it and still won’t charge it’s still under the first 12 months warranty 


what are my my options as I can’t be with out a phone if I take it back to the optus store I brought it from Will they replace it then and there or will I have to be without a phone cause they’ll send it away?



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Re: iPhone 8 Plus won’t charge

They'll want to try test/repair it. 


There may be an option to have a loan phone. Look into that.


Alternatively grab a $30 non smart phone and you'll have calls and SMS while you are waiting.


Or buy a iphone (new or refurbished) on eBay and use that. Sell it once your phone returns, hopefully for only say $50 cost.


Peter Gillespie

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