Re: iPad Pro backorder


Yes bad form I am really disappointed with this company. No info it’s like they don’t care about there customers. They just had a royal commission into banks I think they need one into the service providers 

Re: iPad Pro backorder


Hey guys, I've taken a look at our latest stock report for online and tele Sales (Live Chat and self-serve)


ipad Pro3 12.9 256GB Space Grey - stock available in our warehosue 

ipad Pro3 12.9 256GB Silverstock available in our warehouse

ipad pro 3 12.9 512GB Space Grey- Currently on backorder 






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Re: iPad Pro backorder


Hi  I originally ordered the 256gb in December and was told mid january that the 256gb was on back order but there was 512gb in stock so I changed order to 512gb. You now say 256gb are in stock yet I just went on the Sales Chat and this is what they said..


One moment, please.
let me have a check on the stock availability.
 Andrew, I had a check and see that we do not have stock for any varient".
So no one at Optus have a clue on what is going on... very frustrating.

Re: iPad Pro backorder


@Dan_C  Contacted live chat yesterday and they mentioned that they had the stock report in front of them and they have it all on back order and no stock in system. I pointed them to the comment in yescrowd and they said it might have all been allocated out...


Given 12.9 512GB Space gray has been on back order for sometime and Christmas new year break is out of the way is it expected to come back in stock anytime soon. 


Till what date orders for the 512 GB have been fulfilled as of date?  At least that will give us customers an idea of what the estimates for lead times are.



Re: iPad Pro backorder


Did you get the IPad yet?

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