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Optus suck, they are incompetent liars!!!



Re: iPad Pro 2018


Hey @Fixated84, @shezzzdawggg & @kinkade - if you've been provided with an order number that starts with a T, then your order has been placed, it's just in the temporary stage. This allows for any changes you may need to make or cancellations of the order along with looking into credit checks from our end.


Generally speaking it will sit in the temp order stage for about 24-48 hours. If you'd like me to take a look on my end, please send me a PM confirming your order number, full name and DOB.

I may be able to provide some insight for you. 

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Re: iPad Pro 2018


I have ordered online, got suck in process, then as approved, then there was wrong address - so changed address, someone cancelled the order in the back end, whilst I got opion that it wasn't cancelled - then cancedlled, then not cancelled, then it was confrmed cancelled, then went to the store only to be told that it was indeed cancelled and I must place another order online.. 

then credit check said my order can not be processed for no reason.. then I went to the store again and they FINALLY placed the order right there with no issues what so ever. 

Only to find out it's on back order and they have no idea when they will have them in. 


We can conclude that Optus is incompetent? I hope the Ipad comes and everything goes fine from now. It's been a pain. 

Re: iPad Pro 2018


It's so frustrating when the online site says it's available then you order to get told they have no idea when they're getting them!

Re: iPad Pro 2018


Yes I had no idea how appaling the Optus service has been on this issue! I'm am still waiting on my order from Decemeber, only 4 weeks I guess! The thing that ANOYS ME IS THE TOTAL LACK OF COMMUNICATION from Optus when they say they will keep the customer UPDATED with the progress of the order. It Sucks. Not Happy!!


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