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New Contributor Dave14
New Contributor

iPad Data usage alert emails are late or go to junk mail

I have 2 major issues with data notification alerts from Optus.

1. I am on a plan and it costs $10 per gigabyte if I go over the amount of gigabytes on my plan. The first problem I had was with the data notification for a billing cycle that would end on the 10th of July. On the Optus website they specifically say "Usage alerts are not generated in real time and can be delayed by up to 48 hours." I should have received all my data usage alert notifications for the June 10 - July 10 billing cycle some time by the 10th of July. Instead I received them within the space of 2 hours on the 19th of July. 9 days after the billing cycle ended.

2. The second issue is with my current bill cycle. I couldnt find any extra data usage notifications in my inbox. I then looked in my junkmail and some how they go there now. I find this very odd considering my bills, optus offers and until recently, my data usage alerts went straigt to my inbox. This is very clever because if I bring it up they can blame it on my email settings. Well if it was my email settings that was the problem, then all my Optus emails would go to junk.

It seems to me what is happening is Optus is doing all it can to make people think they are using less data then they are. That way people will use more and Optus can hit them with a massive bill.
For me they made data notifications late last month and this month they made it so all data usage alerts go to my junk mail so I think I havent used any extra data.


I have been a loyal customer with Optus for more than 14 years. Now since I got the iPad with Optus, these unethical practices have started. I am at my wits end with what they are doing. I am at the point that if I dont get it resolved then I am going to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.


Has anyone else had similar problems with data usage alert notifications.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: iPad Data usage alert emails are late or go to junk mail

I think you give Optus a little too much credit for skulldugerous capability Smiley Happy In general if things can be explained by incompetence then that's more likely the answer IMO  


Optus data warnings are generally within 15 minutes of hitting limits (and there's three tiers 50% 85% and 100%). 


FWIW you shouldn't rely on the people billing you to save you money. Reset the iPad data counter  each month and keep an eye on it (Apple unfortunately have yet to build a simple working data limit function into their operating system - another company that prefers you don't worry about data limits).


Your junk mail issue is likely on your end. Its probable that the 'sender' of Optus Alert Emails is different to Optus General Emails. But even if not the alert emails are minimal text and look like spam to many junk scanners. You should be able to white list specific senders (or just a domain like Not sure if you can whitelist based on subject with Apple.


There's also an Optus app (widget?) that you can check data usage anytime on the iPad itself.  


On the warnings coming in 9 days late that doesn't happen offen and suggests a failure either at Optus in sending or you in receiving. I be very surprised if it happens next month the same way. If you're tracking usage with the Apple data counter you should be able to check you get the email roughly around the time you hit 50% of your monthly limit.




Peter Gillespie

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: iPad Data usage alert emails are late or go to junk mail

HI @Dave14, really sorry to hear that this has been your experience.  Optus usage alerts as mentioned online can be delayed by around 48 hours and this is the same for the My Optus App or my account.  If you're receiving alerts on 19th then this alert is certainly for the current month and not the one that ended on 10th. If you can PM us here → your account details we can certainly help with managing your data. 

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