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iPad Billing


I've just recontracted with Optus and also included an iPad. We have just recieved a first bill and are being charged for the next month's installment in advance. Seems strange to me. When queried, I was told it should be considered as a "security deposit" of sorts. Anyone else been charged in advanced?

I personally would only like to pay the advertised amount that I contacted for! Looking for clues where to take it from here.




Re: iPad Billing


I don't get why staff keep saying it's a security deposit, I guess they're finding it the easiest way to appease customers. 


This is standard practice throughout the telco industry. I don't know of any australian telco that doesn't do it on a postpaid plan. You'll be refunded the money paid in advance if/when you cancel if you've paid past the date you'll use. 

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Re: iPad Billing


Yes I'm sorry for the confusing explanation you've been provided. Bills are always paid in advance and pro-rata adjustments come into affect any time you make a change/cancellation/acquisition during your bill cycle. Check out the full details here → What does pro-rata mean?

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