eSIM - Travelling


The magic phrase:


"The eSIM capability in the iPhone allows you to use two phone numbers on the same phone at the same time, provided you have two active Postpaid Mobile plans."


At: what you need to know has me bothered.


When I travel, with my owned outright iPhone, I happily swap local and home SIM's depending on what I'm doing.


The ability to have Optus on the eSIM and a local SIM on the nanoSIM slot is my hope/expectation.


Is that possible?


If not is it to do with the phone being network locked - is it still 1999?


If it's an Optus thing and I'm back to buying from Apple can I still get an Optus eSIM for my existing postpaid account?


Indeed domestically in an Optus deadzone slipping in another network pre-paid SIM to ensure coverage sounds like a good idea - or does it?

Re: eSIM - Travelling


You only need a single Post Paid Optus service to use esim, you dont have to buy 2 plans from Optus.


Works perfectly well with the Optus service on the esima nd another carrier either in Aus or overseas in the nano sim slot.

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