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delivery of new phone question


hello, my current phone an iphone 5 has stopped working wont even turn on, yesterday i placed an order for  a iphone 7 to be sent for me with new contract. since my old phone is completely broken will i still get email alerts for delivery times? it says order submitted and i got an email saying its left the warehouse this morning. i have a delivery code ending in a, just wondering if alrts will be sent via email too since im without a phone right now. cheers

Re: delivery of new phone question


The alerts you get are "Left Warehouse" and "Delivered"


I imagine your phone will turn up tomorrow if it didn't arrive today. I'm not sure what other alert you need to get?


Peter Gillespie


Re: delivery of new phone question


oh awesome then ,  i wasnt sure if it needed to go to a tracking service through the post or something. thanks for replying Smiley Happy 


Re: delivery of new phone question


You can track your order at with your Order ID.

You should have recieved an Order ID on the email/SMS or sales Person, this will then give you tracking details to the courier after its being shipped.

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