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New Contributor chlo18
New Contributor


so, my problem is i can't use my data, it will only let me use Facebook.

snapchat, instagram and any other app that involes internet will not work, i have tried switching the phone on & off, and restarting it, it all started when i was taking a photo and the whole phone blanked and wouldn't turn on and when i plugged it into the charger it turned on and the data stopped working and it connects to wifi but won't use it. 



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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: data


Could be problem with your APN settings. Have a read of this link.



I’m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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Moderator Ev_

Re: data

Hi chlo18, are you still experiencing any issues getting onto SnapChat and Insta? You can find more info on APN settings here. Have you also tried resetting your network settings? If you still need assistance, please shoot us a message here.

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