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SO I order a I PHONE 7 10 tens ago and its suppose to be sent today, I chat today Im now advised Its out of STOCK this was iphone 7 256gb pplan $59 a mth 20gb. SO spend 1hr and 30 minutes to sort this out online.


I have been offered a i phone 8 ONLY 64GB $79 a mth 25gb a mth, I think this is a good offer, NOW ON GO the website and this is a every day deal, so even though IV been stuffed around and GOD knows when i would have found out the I PHOne 7 was not coming if hadt chased it up. I Expect better from OPTUS and THINK I should get a bit of compensation because of the stuff up

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Re: contract

Terrible customer service, terrible call centres that have no ability to be able to solve problems on top of beyond terrible procedures. After calling 8 times, on hold for hours, many promises made, assurances the problem was being rectified, still nothing.


Ordered a phone that was sent to the wrong address, called to fix, even offered a very simple solution requiring me to go out of my way to organise delivery of phone and instead conversation after conversation of incompetence, over seas call centres that have no idea what they are saying and nothing at all being done in the way of fixing the problem. Multiple promises of a care consultant to call me back that day, never happened.


Yet Optus not willing to do anything about it. At all.


Complete joke.


Strongly recommend any other company at all, could not possibly be worse.

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