When will I be getting my iPhone x?


Still haven’t received it, just says they will text me when it’s shipped, this is beyond a joke and Optus are still taking orders! So done with this think I might be changing phone company’s 

Re: When will I be getting my iPhone x?


As there are limited units available worldwide there has been delays.

I noticed that the Optus website states the following on their order page:


Backorder Now. Delivers from 5th December 2017


Optus and all other Telcos receive shipments in batches and thats under the control of Apple.

Apple's own website states "Ships: 2-3 weeks" which would also place orders being filled from 5th December


Most likely a larger lot of shipments will arrive at the end of November to fill these orders.

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Re: When will I be getting my iPhone x?


I order on the 29th of oct and concerned on the 3rd of nov, you’d think that they would have a little bit of communication. 

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