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What's the best Apple TV box for the Optus Sport app?

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Hi I need some info I want to purchase a apple TV install optus sport app but don't know which apple tv to buy.

and the easiest to download the app




Re: Purchase app

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Not that involved really. 


Grab an AppleTV ($209 for HD version) or $259 for (4K version) - I'd probably get the 4K just for future proofing a bit more but you might not have a 4K TV so could save the $50? 


You can download the Optus Sports app from iTune store for free


Peter Gillespie

Re: Purchase app


Thanks for the info

One more question when I subscribe to the app with my c/card am I automatically charged every month or am I sent a payment reminder every month

Optus sport billing


Am I automatically charged every month on my c/card for my optus sport app.or am I sent a reminder

Re: Optus sport billing


How will I be charged for my Optus Sport Premium Subscription if I don’t have an Optus plan?
The Optus Sport Premium Subscription is charged monthly to your App Store or Google Play account, automatically within the 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. 

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