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New Contributor making_trax
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What happens while my account/plan is suspended? 4 months overseas (I have a $85 My Plan Flex)

I am on a $85 My Plan Flex (with lease of iphone xs) and apple watch series 4 (sim linked) and will be heading overseas for 2 to 4 months in October to provide support for a family member.


If I suspend my plan/account while away, will I be able to periodically insert my existing optus sim to check for text messages from australian contacts and if yes what cost might this incur?


If I cannot check my suspended account, can I leave a message on my suspended account for anyone trying to contact me that directs them to email me?

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Can I suspend my plan and is my phone locked? 4 months overseas travel (I have a $85 My Plan Fl

I have seen mention that you can suspend your service.

It costs $5 a month - you need to contact Optus via webchat/phone for this

Your service will NOT work during this time as far as I am aware - as its suspended.

iPhones are not locked.

As your on a lease plan you are liable for loss/theft/damage to that device

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