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New Contributor bbo
New Contributor

Watch 3 / iPhone 8: Number Share setup

I received my Apple Watch 3 and iPhone 8 yesterday as an upgrade to an existing Optus service.


When attempting to "set up mobile" from within the Apple Watch app, I am taken to a page where I need to enter my Optus "My Account" username and password. Even though I am certain I am entering the username and password correct, it is never accepted and after three attempts I receive a message to advise my account is locked for 45 minutes.


I can't ge tthrough to an operator via Live Chat nor wait on hold on the phone for sufficiently long to reach technical support.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Watch 3 / iPhone 8: Number Share setup

Hi @bbo - I'm sorry for the delayed response. We've been extra busy recently and subsequently we're taking a little longer than normal to respond to everyone. Since this post have you had a chance to chat to someone who was able to look into this for you? If you still need a hand, please PM me your account details Here and I'll get this sorted. 

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New Contributor Dr-Harry
New Contributor

Re: Watch 3 / iPhone 8: Number Share setup

I am having the same problem, glad it's not just me. Have just returned to Optus yesterday and tried to set upwatch for number sharing. I get to the Optus page on the watch app and it asks if this is my phone number, I confirm, then I am asked to enter my username and password. It will not accept that I a entering the correct password, then I get locked out for 45 mins after 3 attempts. Been on live chat and phone call , reset password, re paired watch, reset watch. Set up watch as new. Still not working? Please advise, I would like to know what I am doing wrong. This doesn't seem to be a common fault.
New Contributor bbo2
New Contributor

Re: Watch 3 / iPhone 8: Number Share setup

Thanks for your reply. I did eventually get this sorted via Live Chat but don't know exactly what was done to fix it. It looked a bit like my account was deleted and recreated as I had to select a new username when logging in here.

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