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Re: Visual Voicemail

I switched to Optus from Vodafone a few months ago where I had Visual voicemail on my IPhone for the last 6 years! I didn’t even realize it was an option. When I started using Optus and it didn’t work I just thought I hadn’t set it up properly! I finally contacted technical help today and after them trying to explain how to set up my voicemail, which I already had, they finally said Optus doesn’t support Visual Voicemail. Btw this is a term I didn’t even knew existed, I just call it Voicemail as I thought it was a standard feature on an IPhone. I agree with everybody in this thread that it is ridiculous that Optus doesn’t offer this feature to all its customers. If I had know before I switched I might not have and I’m seriously considering switching back to Vodafone. Optus get your act together or you might be losing at least one customer!

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Re: Visual Voicemail



Visual voicemail isn't available to consumer customers at this stage”


Does anyone at Optus realise how ridiculous this statement sounds, for a technology that has been available for over ten years now, and is a standard part of iPhone operation, and is offered by pretty much every other carrier in the universe?


I notice Optus have been pushing the fact that they are an “Apple Watch” friendly company, with Apple Watch data plans etc - but yet they don’t provide one of the most basic functionalities of the iPhone (not even for a fee!!!)


At this stage I would damn well be happy to pay for it, $1-$5month, and I’m sure loads of iPhone customers of Optus would be happy to do so too. Aside from that, it should frankly be provided for free, by default, as it is elsewhere.


Is there NO way of getting this higher up the food chain? Don’t Optus executives wander around using their iPhones and think “why doesn’t this work prooperly?” (Probably not - your executives would all be on corporate plans....)


Just utterly, utterly bizarre and utterly utterly frustrating. It’s  like Optus is living in some weird parallel universe ignoring this..... I don’t understand it.


Is there ANY statement about it? It’s not like there can possibly be a technological limitation in providing it? Surely? Then WHY not?


It’s about time Optus rewarded its loyal iPhone customers and flicked the switch to activate Visual Voicemail.


Oh, and your existing ordinary Voicemail service is painful and antiquated. Like something from the early 2000’s - which it is!!!

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