Visual Voicemail


Dear Optus,


The iPhone was launched ten years ago with a brilliant feature, visual voicemail.


This is a standard part of the iPhone experience, and is offered by almost every other mobile service provider in Australia and around the world - usually included at no cost or sometimes at an extra fee.


Doesn’t ANYONE at Optus think that maybe it’s time to implement this ten-year-old technology for its customers? Does not a single executive at Optus use an iPhone and think “hang on, why isn’t this working properly?”


Is it time Optus included a disclaimer when advertising its iPhone products “*please note, Optus provides a crippled iPhone service to its customers.”


This has to surely be the strangest ongoing decision I have ever seen. I used visual voicemail for years at Telstra without any problems; now that I am about to have NBN installed at my house and have an opportunity to switch providers, I think it is time I returned to a provider that uses visual voicemail (ie basically anyone but Optus.)


When I signed my mobiles with Optus, I firstly couldn’t believe that it wasn’t an option - not even for a fee. Then I thought “well, surely it’s only a matter of time, everyone has been rolling it out.”


A lot of time has passed, and still apparently Optus have decided to just drop it entirely? Why? Why not even charge for it - plenty of people would pay a little for it.

Re: Visual Voicemail


It is available on some business & enterprise plans.

Not sure why it was not on consumer plans.

There has been numerous threads on it here over the years - and still the same answer - not for consumer.

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Re: Visual Voicemail


That’s unbelievable, this is my first experience with Optus through iPhone X on the high-end plan. IIt'sshocking.

Almost every service provider offered this on basic plan as well since long time.

Offshore customer service represantatives even didn’t fimilier with the term.

Really Optus!

Re: Visual Voicemail


3 months later and not even an acknowledgement from anyone at Optus. 


Its disgraceful really..,


btw, what’s with the rubbish voicemail introduced recently that sends u a text message with an embedded voicemail several hours after the original call...??? This is obviously the half-baked solution Optus think will satisfy consumers... I’ve reverted back to the antiquated system of phoning up to get my voicemail after this was rolled out to everyone whether they wanted it or not.


Instead of messing around, why not just give us Visual Voicemail?  

Re: Visual Voicemail


This is something that's been brought up on the forums time and time again. At this stage, it's something we do offer our business and enterprise customers.


As far as consumer plans are concerned, there's still no word. It's definitely something that's on our radar but I'm afraid I still can't offer a time frame. 


Once the feature does become available, it will be communicated to our customers. 


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Re: Visual Voicemail


Is there no way at all this can be advanced with Optus?


I mean, frankly it’s not just bad service - it’s actually simply weird and ridiculous. It’s like buying a modern car that can park itself and has cameras and senesors eveywhere, but for some reason you still have to hand crank the car to start the engine; and it feels like the only reason is that somebody in management has just forgotten that actually, hand cranks are about 100 years out of date.


I mean surely it’s not a CONSCIOUS decision not to do this? Surely the person at Optus responsible for deciding whether or not to do this simply keeps forgetting to bring it up at their weekly meeting, and has managed to forget to do so for the past 10 years?


You say “we will let you know” but..... I mean, isn’t that a silly thing to say, given it’s been 10 years now?


I mean, surely Optus could just come out and say “we will never provide visual voicemail because of reason x/y/z/we just don’t want to/we can’t” and then at least we can all shut up about it and think about which service provider we’ll move to?

Re: Visual Voicemail

[ Edited ]

I hope someone in Optus management who reads this can appreciate the irony of me writing the above posts, with an Optus advertisement directly below reading:


“iPhone X now available to order: Stock will be limited.”


I mean, I assume that should read “Stock will be limited in functionality?”


Re: Visual Voicemail


I do appreciate your response... but you’ve not provided any real answer (obviously you are just towing the Optus message and cannot as an employee provide any further information...)


Yes, it’s been brought time after time because it’s a service that is expected (and provided by Telstra, Vodafone etc.). The other telcos provided as soon as it became available (so many years ago), but Optus have just been dragging their feet for no apparent reason... 


Btw, why is it available to business customers and not individuals? If it’s available to business, then it is available. Please tell us why it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone. I would really love to hear (or read) a reason for this.

Re: Visual Voicemail


Is that it?


C’mon Optus! Seriously... People are using up their time (and yours) about getting a service that should have been made available at the start.


Simply stating that it is brought up time and again is insufficient in addressing the issue. What do customers need to do to get this service? The only solution that is evident over all these years is to go to another provider...


This is something that I will be looking at doing once my current contact runs out. I only joined Optus because of EPL, and only after joining did I discover the Visual Voicemail saga. Had I known, I would have stayed with my former provider (Vodafone).


Once my contract is up, I will be heading back to Vodafone unless Visual Voicemail becomes available... Ignoring customers is a sure fire way of losing them.

Re: Visual Voicemail


After reading this reply I spent an hour on the phone to Optus trying to find out how I could get this on my business account. Spoke to 4 consultants each who denied that Optus provided it at all until pressured. Finally had it confirmed that it is only available to corporate accounts. A waste of a good hour of my time. 


Optus fail again. 

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