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Visiting Perth - overseas traveller using Optus

Hi, My family and I are visiting Perth for 8 days, arriving 24 Nov 19.  We live on Guam (US territory) and our iPhones are unlocked for international use.  However, my carrier says our phones will only work on a GSM network.  So, a few questions:

1.  Is that (GSM) compatible with your network in Perth?

2.  Should I buy a SIM card now and have it sent to me on Guam, or should I just buy one at the airport in Perth and activate it there?

3.  I want the $30 plan for 35GB of data. Do you get that much data initially or only when you recharge?

Thank you,


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Visiting Perth

G'day Steve,

You'll be able to use your iPhones over here.

You can't purchase a SIM until you arrive, the airport has an Optus shop.

It sounds like you want this plan:

35GB standard data on first three Optus Prepaid Epic Data recharges 

Enjoy your stay down under!

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