Very very disappointing - move on to Telstra


I’m a royal mobile customer with Optus for nearly ten years. On 17 Dec, I ordered IPhone X ($150 monthly deal) to upgrade, as my current contract ends early Feb 2018. Order temp ref: OP1513501796830


After that, no msg no update no email ... nothing. From 20 Dec, call Optus everyday for updates: by average 40 mins wait, then very often hang up straight away. If lucky to speak to someone, no time ETA no other options .... basically I stuck. 


I had enough. Want to cancel order, another number another 40 mins wait, another hang up. 


Want to complain, another number another xxxxxx. Online chat only helps who wants to place an order. 


Now I just want to cancel my order and move on.


Optus, I’m with you ten years. You are now a real disappointment. 


Re: Very very disappointing - move on to Telstra


Hi there @Oldoldcustomer - I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you've had with your iPhone X order. If you still need help with this, feel free to PM us with your full name, DOB and account number or mobile number and we'll be happy to take a look into it for you. Cass.

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