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Unauthorised Port Out

 So today my phone number was ported to vodafone without my authorisation. I was told via the online chat to go into my nearest store to fill out the port reversal form and present some id, however my closest store is a 5 hour drive away. After informing the person I was talking to, I was told there was nothing that could be done and I would have to drive the 5 hours to my nearest store. To me this is an unacceptable solution as no id was required in the first place to submit this port out and how can I be expected to travel so much (and spend the fuel money on travelling that far) to rectify something that isn't my fault. After looking through this forum I discovered this think that has the port reversal form and the email address to send it to

So would it be more beneficial for me to fill out the form and send it to the email address that's given through the link, or would there be some way for optus to give me a new number and transfer my plan over to that number? I read somewhere in this forum that when you send the email you also need to attach new sim details, so I'm a bit unsure about whether that is in fact needed and therefore whether sending the email myself would work? 

One thing I am also very annoyed about is up until this date I had been receiving texts from optus confirming my account username (I had not requested these) - I contacted optus about this and was told that no one had been trying to access my account. So I believed that everything was secure. 

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Re: Unauthorised Port Out

Yeah. Optus (and Telcos in general) handle this crimina1 activity very badly. 


They are somewhat constrained as the legal obligations for handling a port are very defined and they have little leeway in the matter . However how hard would it be to send an SMS to any person that has apparently started the port out process that they are about to be ported? The consipiracy theorist in my suspect this harks back to when the Telco sales people actively engaged in porting people based on very flimsy sales calls. Anyway.


You have been the victim of identity theft (or its justa stuff up). Either way getting things sorted is going to take some hoop jumping. There should IMO be a dedicated department to helping reolve this exact issue at each Major Telco that could coordinate a rapid fix to what is no doubt an every day occurance. Failing that you have some hoop jumping. Unfortunately that may involve a five hour car drive. You may also get cancellation fees for "exiting" any contract at Optus that will need to be fixed. 


If you're happy to lose your number then that might create some options normally not available where Optus and Vodaphone can just cancel stuff internally and set you up anew (unfortuantely the industry doesn't strike me as that 'sensible' though - but fingers crossed) Regardless it would seem that you verifying your ID in person may be needed - presumably whoever ported you out had enough to verify themselves.


Peter Gillespie

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