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Trying to upgrade phone to iphone Xs



I have been trying to upgrade my current phone to the iphone Xs and I was told to preorder online, which I did. I then got the email asking me to call Optus and they said I wasn't able to order online and had to go instore. I went instore and was then told I didnt need to go instore and could have just done it all online. Frustrating. But also the staff member from instore told me that they had cancelled my order and now my only options were to place an order for backorder, or just keep coming into the store to check availability as they are unable to hold or order stock. When I preordered the phone wasnt on backorder however I have now lost my spot. 


Are these really my only two options?





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Re: Trying to upgrade phone to iphone Xs

Hey @qwerty03, sorry to hear about the runaround there 😞 I am afraid those are probably your two best options, although I do wonder why you were referred in store: did they give you any sort of indication as to why? The only reasoning I can think of is either to complete a Trade Up (if that's what you were intending). What did they say in store?

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