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Stolen Phone on Lease Plan No Insurance

Hi I’ve recently had my phone stolen, It’s iPhone XS Max 64gb on the $85 Flex Plan, I thought I got insurance on it

, but I’m struggling to find any thing in regards to that, I’m onky in the beginning of my contract as I got it in mid November, I was what I need to do, and how much I’m going to be up for?

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Re: Stolen Phone on Lease Plan No Insurance

If you have insurance on your plan, it'll show up on your bill as "DEVICE PROTECT". If you do not have this, then you have not Opted for it. 


If you have no insurance, then you will need to pay out the cost of the handset which will be MONTHS x $ Lease Fee (without any credits). You may also wish to speak to your home/contents insurer as it may be covered through that policy (assuming you have that coverage and opted for the right protections). 

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Re: Stolen Phone on Lease Plan No Insurance

Ouch. Smiley Sad


I'm sorry to say the outcome here is not going to be good. Optus leasing provides little benefits and basically transfers all risks and responsibilites to you to keep the phone in good order. Essentially you are obligated to hand Optus back a pretty much undamaged iPhone XS when your lease finishes (In 18 months time.) So between now and then you can do a couple of different things:


1) The CIS for your plan is probably this one (confirm)

2) The relevant termination text is


If you cancel within the 24-month minimum term, you will be charged a lease plan cancellation fee prorated monthly for your remaining contract term, plus if the cancellation occurs: • Within the first 12 months of your minimum term, you have to keep the phone, and you will also have to pay out the monthly lease charges (which will be increased by any monthly handset credit that would have applied if you did not cancel) for the remainder of the contract term.


Essentially you're probably up for $1000-$1500 and of course you don't have a phone after that.


3) Contact Optus LIVECHAT and ask for a payout figure to get an idea.

4) Alternatively, your plan is still in effect. So nothing stopping you getting another phone and getting a replacement SIM (free at an Optus store) and continuing on. You have two main options IMO:


a) Get a "cheap" iPhone. A refurbished 128Gb iPhone 7 Max will set you back $600 or so

b) Buy another (identically speced) iPhone XS (new or second hand).


5) If you go option "a" then after 18 months you will need to pay Optus the fair (then) market value for the original phone (another reason I don't like leases as they will tell you what they consider is fair). 


6) If you go Option "b" then you can either keep the phone (and pay Optus the fair market value) or hand the phone back to them.


Either way after 18 months, you are then free to get a new deal. If you decide to lease then definitely get insurance. But IMO every benefit of leasing is also provided in standard Optus contracts and after two years you get to keep the $2000 phone yourself instead of handing it back.


NB. You'll see a line item of "DEVICE PROTECT" on any of your bills if you you have taken it out. Just download a recent bill.


Peter Gillespie

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