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Pre-Ordering Iphone X How to keep my old number

Hi all,

My current Iphone 6S Contract runs out in the next few weeks, and I am going to be trying to pre-order the new Iphone X.


I want to keep my number I have with my 6S if possible, but I will not be connected to the same billing account as before, as my previous contract was in my parents name.

Is there any way I can go about keeping my old number in this pre-order process?... as I have not ever pre-ordered a new phone before I am pretty oblivious to what the process is.


Should I just not even bother and get a new number? If its going to be too much of a hassle I won't bother.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Pre-Ordering Iphone X How to keep my old number

The contract doesn't run out. It just reverts to month to month.


You will need to change ownership of the old phone to you. See here


After that you can pre-order the iPhone X. Part of the process will involve saying you want to use an existing number.


But as far as I know, you just switch your existing SIM card into the new phone and your number goes with it. If you need to swap SIM card sizes you can drop in to any Optus store and they will do it on the spot for free. 


You should also crunch your numbers though. Once off contract then you can just buy an iPhoneX outright and swap SIMs like above. The total cost might be cheaper. Any iPhone Plan will no doubt be a 24 month one and expensive for any reasonable amount of data.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Pre-Ordering Iphone X How to keep my old number

Peter is spot on, but your parents could place the order to make sure you get one asap, you can then do a change of ownership once you have the phone. 

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