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Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Sometimes call goes straight to voicemail without ringing. Then, I do not get a SMS or alert that I have a voicemail. I get a red dot on voicemail icon sometimes  1 to 2 days later.  I check call log but call not there in any log, missed, recent, etc I have had iPhone 6  14 months. When I think about it, it has been happening many months maybe back to start! I recall strange things happening like friends/family saying they called but when I check phone the call is not logged. I also recall seeing the red dot on voicemail, retrieving the message and thinking that's weird I must have missed their call, without thinking to check the call log, and then forgetting about it until it happened again. Where I live, I only get 3 out of the five signal strength, I do not think this it as when one of the calls I did not get yesterday was in town with full service strength.  Other times I seem to get calls ok. But, of course, now I am thinking I probably have not received  a lot of call I should have

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


I’m having the exact same issues, been going on for a while now and its definitely on Optus's end not my phone as it happens with multiple Optus phones in the household. 

Straight to voicemail and text messages are coming in days later. 

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Eaxactly! Definitely a problem at Optus end as this never happened when I was with Telstra (and I had an iPhone there too so it is not an iPhone issue) and it is still happening even though I have been talking to Optus couple of times, their tech help area. I asked them does this happen with other customers and they said NO. Clearly that is not correct.  Twice now they have said they cannot see what the issue is and keep saying to me "we need you to work with us and keep a diary of when these things happen and we will call you back in couple days to check if it has resolved or still happening" . When they called me back in a couple of days , I said yes, still happening, I have been getting voicemail messages up to 2 days after the call. They then say AGAIN  can you please keep a check on it and get back to us when it happens again????  So basically they have no answer!! Shocking. Oh well, only 6 months till contract ends and I will be straight back to Telstra and will not move again. Never will I go back to Optus. p.s do not disturb is NOT on, phone has been reset, call settings were correct etc. BIG OPTUS FAIL.

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Hey Laine - can get that this would be frustrating. If the call is going to voicemail, it may be due to a network issue at that time which would be with both carriers. It can also be due to a SIM issue. Have you had your SIM replaced?

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Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Yes,   nothing to do with sim.


I am lucky Tonight to have a Telstra unit to use to post this contribution as my Optus has NO service again! SO FED UP!!! Has been going on for 19!!!! MONTHS. Yes that is right OPTUS has been bloody charging me for NOT providing me with a service for 19 months!!

Some success though; My latest contact with Optus has AT LAST provided me with an HONEST consultant who answered  as to why people have been telling me they cannot reach me  and why I have not received important voice messages.   They have at last confessed that my area does not have 3G or 4g service! WHY WHY did they sell me this sim 24 month contract then, 19 months ago? AND  not one of them previously told me this when I have contacted them dozens of times over 19 months! They could have honestly and quickly told me on any one of those occasions that the service here was rubbish, but, instead, they told me there was NOTHING they could see that could be causing this problem. I work on call/casual and just in last 6 weeks have lost 4 days work as did not get the calls  or voicemails let alone the last 19 months. This could have been averted if they had been honest from the start . My last consultant has given me a number for Optus retentions team to organise a break lease. (I have already paid 19 months tho). I won't be surprised when I call tomorrow to find they try to fight this break lease. We will see!!  I would like to be compensated for lack of service over last 19 months too. Unfortunately, I feel we will end up at TIO. Will post results.

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Let us know how you go @Laine, shoot me a PM if you need any assistance from  our side, I want to make sure this is handled correctly moving forward.

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


I am having the same issue wit calls going directly to voicemail.

People on the Telstra network say they call and it goes directly to voicemail. My son calls twice so that the first one goes to voice mail and then the second one rings through. I have an iphone and have tested it with iphones, androids and google phones and it seems to be an issue with anyone not on the optus line not being able to ring through the first time and going straight to voicemail.

sometimes I get a notification that I have missed a call even when the phone is sitting in front of me.

So what is up with this?

Re: Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Hi, I think your issue is different to mine as I would not get the 2nd call either. I have now a Telstra service and this has stopped  being a problem for me as I get all my calls now. (As far as I know, and the service strength icon shows stronger reception) Unfortunately, for my problem, I had to put the complaint in writing to Optus customer relations dept in Salisbury South SA (registered letter) but even they have not responded as yet a month later, and I have now submitted a complaint to TIO. 

I did read though where the 2nd call comes thru it may be to do with turning on do not disturb by accident, (where you can swipe up on iPhone)  and it also has a little moon icon but you already probably are aware of that. 

It is very frustrating I know,  as I lost work  by phone not ringing , no missed call alert or voicemail alert for a couple of days even when Inhad the phone in front of me most of the time or in my pocket.

hope you get it sorted quickly.

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