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Phone not ringing going straight to voicemail


Sometimes call goes straight to voicemail without ringing. Then, I do not get a SMS or alert that I have a voicemail. I get a red dot on voicemail icon sometimes  1 to 2 days later.  I check call log but call not there in any log, missed, recent, etc I have had iPhone 6  14 months. When I think about it, it has been happening many months maybe back to start! I recall strange things happening like friends/family saying they called but when I check phone the call is not logged. I also recall seeing the red dot on voicemail, retrieving the message and thinking that's weird I must have missed their call, without thinking to check the call log, and then forgetting about it until it happened again. Where I live, I only get 3 out of the five signal strength, I do not think this it as when one of the calls I did not get yesterday was in town with full service strength.  Other times I seem to get calls ok. But, of course, now I am thinking I probably have not received  a lot of call I should have

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