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Ordering online




On the 6th of August I ordered an ipad pro 12.9" 256 gb on a $65 per month plan. I was told 7 days delivery time.  After 8 days I tried to contact optus online.

After many unsuccessful attempts 2 nights, as the chat would not work on the internet, I eventually got to sales support who informed me that the back order time was 2-4 weeks, ok that’s fine.  So, she asked me if I wanted a 128gb, which I do not.  She asked me if I wanted to try instore or continue with my online order and wait 2-4 weeks.  Well no store near me has them so I went online to confirm that my order was being processed.  I was eventually passed to DIETER or DEITER,

Who after a few questions looked into it and said that the order has not been dispatched yet and he would make it happen and so on, and how fantastic he was,

Then without any warning I was dumped to the feedback page just like that.

You can imagine the feedback I left with his name DIETER OR DEITER

Displayed in capitals.  So I still do not know if my order is still current and is being processed.






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Re: Ordering online

Hey @freespace001, we'll need to take a look and see how this is progressing. We won't be able to process or expedite any orders but we can clarify to see where this is sitting.


Send through a private message with the following details and we'll take a look:


First name


Order number

Are you the account holder: Y/N

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