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I ordered an iphone 8 online to replace my plan on my iphone SE. I had an optus employee live chat with me and helped me through the process. He understood that I was only getting the one phone, however I have went to track my order and it says that there is not only an iphone 8 in transit but also an iphone SE. Does this mean another phone is coming too or is it just there because the 8 is replacing the 5? I'm really confused and I hope I'm not sent two phones. 

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Hi Tess,


I've requested your post here to be reviewed by one of our amazing Yes Crowd Optus Staff - they'll be able to check your order Smiley Happy


In the meantime, if you do receive an iPhone SE at your doorstep, refuse delivery (aka, don't sign for it and ask the courier to take it back). It'll be returned to Optus and your order will be cancelled. Accept the iPhone 8 though!

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Cheers @MiCCA S.


Can you send us a private message @TessH? I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. 

We'll go in and investigate this one for you. 


If worse comes to worse and the handset has already been dispatched, take @MiCCA S advice on this one.


Do not accept the delivery. The handset will be sent back to our warehouse and the order will be cancelled. 


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