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I started watching a Europa league game delayed by an hour on Optus sport 1 on my iPhone & chromecast it to my tv with no issues. The problem I did have was once my phone screen locked & I reopened it at the  halftime break to skip forward the Optus app returns to the home screen and there is no way to skip, pause etc as the game I had chromecast is gone. Is this a fault with the app if chromecasting or am I missing an obvious way to do this? 

Thx in advance 

Re: Optus sport & chromecast issue


Hey @Burlsey - not great to hear you were having trouble skipping the halftime break. If closing and reopening the application doesn't help, we'd recommend lodging this as a fault with our TV & Content team via In-App Support.


For instructions on how to do this, please visit → Once that's been done, a member from that team will be in touch with you to troubleshoot and help get this resolved.

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