Optus number share is currently active, ERROR!!


I've spent the last week trying to get my AppleWatch (series 4 GPS + Data) working with Optus Data Share.

I've have multiple online chats and phone calls, with the promise of it being passed up the chain in an attempt to resolve. I've still not heard back. Other than to say it needs to go further up the chain.


My data share account was linked to a previous device that has since been replaced, and it's not work on the new one at all.


I've reset data settings and the watch as per instructions multiple times but still had no luck. 


Can someone please look into this for me properly? I've been patient but it's now becoming frustrating.

Re: Optus number share is currently active, ERROR!!


You need to CANCEL number share before trying to set it up on a new device.


Simply ask customer care to REMOVE/CANCEL number share then wait 24 hours. Once this is done (you'll get an order number ending with an 'A'), and 24 hrs has passed, then sign up for Number Share again via the device settings on your iPhone.

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