Optus cancelled my iPhone X order


So I received the first two emails, one confirming my order with the temp order number and the next last monday confirming that I would be contacted if they needed more information. Received a call, confirmed everything and he said I would recieve my tracking number in the next few days.

Nothing happened so I contacted the online support to find out what was happening only to find out that although they have updated my account with the new plan and completed the order, the order for my actual phone was cancelled. So now I'm here with a new contract, no phone, and nothing on it's way to me. Angry is an understatement, been with Optus for 10 years but think it's time to move on.

Re: Optus cancelled my iPhone X order


Customer Service can be a bit variable.


Its possible the 'cancellation' is the wrong piece of information. Perhaps try ringing again and see if you can get a different answer?


But if your phone plan is set to SIM only now, then its probably quicker to reserve a phone in an Apple store as it would seem to be 4+ weeks before Optus will be able to resupply you (unless they can put you back in the queue where you belong).


Only worry would be about potentially ending up with two iPhones.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus cancelled my iPhone X order


Heya @mattyj931. Sounds like you've had some trouble getting up to date info on your order. Could you please PM us here with your order/service number, full name and DOB so that we can check this out for you?

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