Optus Statement on iPhone X Please


Please can somebody at Optus do an official statement about when you expect to be able to fill the backlog of orders.


FYI, I place an online order less than an hour after I received the email on 27 October saying that pre-order was now available but the order tracking has stated that the warehouse is awaiting stock since 3 November.


I realise that a big source of the problem is Apple's delivery problems but thing the time has come to let your customers know what's going on and when you may expect stock--may I suggest an email to every person who has ordered.


May I also suggest that your sales pages should include estimated delivery times.


Doing the above is nothing more than provided customer service.


Re: Optus Statement on iPhone X Please


Okay.  To be fair, I should say that my wifes iPhone X arrived about midday yesterday.  I recieved the promised SMS (from Startrack?) yesterday morning so that part all worked properly.


However, an FYI is that the order tracking portion of the "Here's all you need to know" email wasn't updated to show the item on the way until a few hours before it actually arrived.  You'd have a lot less complaints if you made some basic updates to the flow of information--and even more to the customer service phone lines.  Impressions count for a lot.




Re: Optus Statement on iPhone X Please


Woah I ordered roughly a hour after as well, and still havent received anything from Optus. You are one of the lucky ones I guess!

Re: Optus Statement on iPhone X Please


I've never been lucky's a nice change!


Maybe I have a reputation at Optus of being a trouble maker--or maybe it was the exact spec of the wife wanted a 64MB Slate Grey.

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