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New Contributor leophonic
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Optus Apple Watch issue

I am having a never ending. Issue with trying to get my Apple Watch 3 to work with the sim and Optus. 

Optus says the service is “active” the Apple Watch app says it’s “active” 

but the watch says “no active service” 

been on the phone and chats to Optus and their tech support is just awful. Can any one please help?

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New Contributor Hunter247
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Re: Optus Apple Watch issue



This sounds like an issue with the Apple Watch S3. Your not the first either, I have heard of an issue that some watches can't connect even tho everything is okay. I recommend calling Apple Support (the best kind of support) to check the watch. Be sure to tell them that Optus says everything is good on the network side so they can rule out the "Call Optus" option otherwise you may go in circles.


Apple Support: 1300 321 456 or use the Apple Support app!


I hope they can find the problem so you can enjoy the freedom of cellular like I have! It's fantastic for that painful morning run 😉



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