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Online order - half delivery

I could go into a long story but fear the comment box will not cope with the lengthy saga. Short version..

ordered iPhone 8 on Dec 11 and put Apple Watch in order also

Optus contacted me for credit check - all ok

Phone arrived with sim before Christmas. No watch on packing slip or in box. 

Figured it would come. 

Tried to call support on Jan 1 and was hung up on due to technical difficulties. Participated in online chat for 49 minutes on Jan 1st. No reslotion and was told to go to a yes shop. jan 2nd went to a yes shop and told they don’t do watches. Was told to drive 133km to get to a shop that had watches. Not this little yes man! All this time no one could tell me what happened to my original order that I have a confirmation email for, showing the apple watch. No one can even confirm that it will not arrive if I give up and buy one from Apple who CAN supply them. Called today 4 times with a 2:15 minute wait and simultaneous Facebook messenger chat only to be hung up on due to technical difficulties. 

Can anyone in the yescrowd help or is it a nocrowd?

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Re: Online order - half delivery

Hey @Mickey3, sorry to hear of the run around trying to get this sorted.


When you placed your order, did you get a temporary order number? Is this when the watch was confirmed, or did you get a finalised order number confirming the watch?

It sounds like there could of been an error when completing your temporary order and the watch was missed.


I can look into this if you send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB.

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