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New 12.9 Apple iPad Pro on backorder for how long?

On the 3rd of December I ordered a new 12.9 Apple iPad Pro 256gb, it is on backorder and I am just wondering what the time frame for delivery is?


thank you so much for your time!

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: New 12.9 Apple iPad Pro on backorder for how long?

@Dan028, still waiting on a confirmation as to when new stock will arrive.


I've checked our most recent stock reports and we're still sitting on back-order.

Generally, we expect backorders to be fulfilled within 3-5 weeks of the customer placing their order. 


You will receive an SMS as soon as the order has been accepted by our warehouse. Another SMS will come through the following day with a tracking reference and link to our couriers track and trace site.


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