Network Coverage


I don't get any reception at home at all. No internet, calls or texts!


Can someone provide an email address for customer service so I can send an email.. 

Re: Network Coverage


There isn't an email address unfortunately. You can call or use live chat. Heading in store results in them handing you a phone to call customer service so I wouldn't waste your time with that. 

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Re: Network Coverage


Heya @sarah98, is this a recent occurrence or have you had issues with reception from Optus from the very beginning? 

I'd go with @SamSam's suggestion and jump onto Live Chat.


Ask them to perform an in-depth coverage check on their end. We'll be able to determine whether you're in a Network Black Spot

I'd also suggest toggling between 4G and 3G. You might find that have better reception with one or the other.

You could also give WiFi calling a shot. You do need to have an supported Optus supplied handset.


If we do identify an issue with coverage in your area, there are options we can discuss.


If you have any other questions, let us know Smiley Happy 





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