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New Contributor Stace1999
New Contributor

My data/phone bill

So I went overseas in July and racked up a pretty hefty phone bill WHICH I have been paying off weekly cause I just can’t afford to pay it all off at once. Tonight however my data has stopped working and the 3G/4G symbol that is next to the Optus symbol is flashing on and off as if I’m out of range (which I’m not). I haven’t received a call or message from Optus saying they were going to cut me off so I’m not too sure what’s going on

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Moderator Wesley-J

Re: My data/phone bill

Hey Stace1999,


You shouldn't have your services restricted without any notification at all, so I would be surprised if this is what has happened here if you're adhering to your payment plan that's been set up with Financial Services. You can reach out to them on 1300 308 839 if you'd like to confirm this.


It's also possible that this is unrelated and being caused by a network fault in the area. Before anything else it would be best to jump on to our Network status page and check out your area →

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