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I am from Europe, visiting Australia for a month. I bought an Optus pre paid SIM card an put it into my pocket WiFi. After that I downloaded the my Optus app and registered with the number I got. Worked for two weeks perfectly fine. But today I got loged out and can’t log in again. I type in the number and get the code, by after I enter the code a “sorry it looks like this service isnt active or registered” notification. When I try it with the Optus iPad app, it doesn’t work either. It said that It couldn’t detect the pocket WiFi sim. But the iPad is connected to the device and the WiFi is working. I just want to know how much data i have got left. 

Someone with the same problem? 

Would be thankful for help. 

Re: My Optus app

If your pocket WiFi has an sms feature built into the administration section you could try texting the word "balance" to 9999.

Re: My Optus app


Hey @Tiniw - thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send us a private message confirming your number, full name and DOB? Happy to take a look. 

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