Iphone 8 $59.00 when mobiles are now available on website


As promised by three of your live chat operators, with copies of chats and refernece numbers. As of today, the 04th of January, you're now displaying that the Iphone 8's are in stock. Just wondering when the calls will be made to the customers on your waitling list, to confirm this and, to go ahead and apply for the Iphone 8 deal at $59.00?


Re: Iphone 8 $59.00 when mobiles are now available on website


Hey @Mia123 - thanks for reaching out. If you've made an order for the $59 deal, your order will be awaiting processing by our online sales team. If you've not heard back after 5 business days, please shoot me a private message here. We'll just need your full name, DOB and your order number. 

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Re: Iphone 8 $59.00 when mobiles are now available on website


Hi all, so disappointed like everyone else that we saw the advertised offer and then couldn’t access it as “out of stock”. Interestingly stock on iPhone 8 became available immediately after 03 Jan expiry date! I have also kept copies of conversations and was wondering if we should approach the ombudsman collectively as this was a clear breach of fair trade? Better we could approach one of the Current Affairs shows as they love this kind of deception. Like most of you I have been with Optus for many years and only want what is fair and reasonable. If an optus rep would like to reply it would make my day. 

Re: Iphone 8 $59.00 when mobiles are now available on website



I also spoke with a live chat operator on the 3rd Jan about the iphone8 deal and was told that it was out of stock but that I could be put on a waiting list and would be contacted by the backend team once the phones were avaialble and be offered the $59 deal. I wasn't given an order number, but the operator requested my name, dob, email & number to put me on the list. 

The phones became available immediately on the 4th Jan and I have still not been contacted. Was I misinformed by the live chat operator or am I still on a waiting list? 

Re: Iphone 8 $59.00 when mobiles are now available on website


@mad94, I've copied my response to an almost identical thread below:


"Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion we've had in regards to the iPhone 8 $59.00 promo wait list that'd been offered by our consultants over Live Chat.


Earlier on today I received confirmation that the wait list is in-fact legitimate and for those who'd expressed their interest to a consultant before the 03/1/2018, we will be honouring the offer.


I've also been advised that an SMS had gone out to customers on Thursday the 11/01/18.


I really do apologise for any misinformation that we'd sent through on this thread.


If anyone requires a follow up, we do have the database of customer details we’d captured over live chat readily available to us."


Send us a private message and I'll confirm whether we have your details on file. Look forward to hearing back. 


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