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New Contributor ShayHas
New Contributor

Iphone 6 does not connect to Optus. It has been "searching" for reception.



Ever since about 2pm, my iPhone 6 has not been getting any reception or even able to connect to my mobile data. 

My home broadband is with Optus and that works fine, so it is not an outtage issue like how there was one last night, however it has been "searching" for reception since 2pm, and i have put it on airplane mode, reset all settings, held the home and power button and restarted and it is still just searching. Initially it was just on SOS but now it has been searching. Can somebody please help? I believe it could possibly be related to the outtage from last night but am unsure. 


Thank you.

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RetiredModerator JordanOptus

Re: Iphone 6 does not connect to Optus. It has been "searching" for reception.

Hey ShayHas, I reckon it's worth a shot manually connecting to the network and seeing if that works.


If the problem keeps happening though, definitely come through our Tech Support chat and see what they can do to fix it.





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