Iphone 11.1.2 update


Hi everyone


I have just updated to 11.1.2 and noticed that Bluetooth has been improved with audio in the car when you are making calls and stuff like that.. Has any one had any issues with that or is just me that is experiencing better reception

Re: Iphone 11.1.2 update


I've got an iPhone 6s running iOS11.0.3, I have noticed a few issue since upgrading to iOS11. Something changed in iOS11 and its been messing with the Blue & Me system (Handsfree calling, USB Music no A2DP) in my Alfa Romeo. A few examples include poor audio quality and random disconnections when connected to USB and playing music. It actually seems to make the system in my car bug out to the extent that it restarts.


I'll see if things improve with iOS11.1 and keep you updated.

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