Ipad Pro 3 Order Delay




I ordered an IPAD Pro 3 with 100g data 7th December 2018. Since ordering the device and plan I have heard nothing from Optus. No ETA, nothing.


If there is going to be a delay, it would be nice to get an idea of how long. I have a wife screaming in my ear, "Where's my IPAD?".


An update would be welcome.

Re: Ipad Pro 3 Order Delay


Your wife sounds like a very unpleasant woman to be around.


However, had she stopped screeching for 5 minutes and taken the time to read the answers give in multiple threads regarding this exact issue in the last week, she would have had her answer and been able to avoid unmasking herself as a frightful harpy.


Supply shortage

Estimated timeframe 5-7 weeks






Re: Ipad Pro 3 Order Delay


I feel your pain. Having waited over a months to be told at each enquiry no ETA. A general idea would be better than nothing. A day, a week, a month, 6 months?  Really disappointed, I understand the concept of under promise and over deliver, but this is appalling I really expected much better from Optus. Very disappointed. 

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