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New Contributor GPC
New Contributor

International Diversions Voice and SMS

i am going to Japan later in the month and intend to remove my Optus Sim from my iPhone and insert my Japan Sim.

I assume before i remove my Optus Sim i can divert all calls to my Japan number and the diversion costs are covered under my Optus plan's free international calls to Japan.  Does that sound right?

Secondly is there a way to divert my SMS messages (not iMessages) to my Japan number?

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Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Re: International Diversions Voice and SMS

As far as I’m aware you can’t devert to international numbers and text can not be deverted full stop. I will happily be corrected if my brain hasn’t assimilated current info.

Cheers Dave

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Contributor xyberhanz

Re: International Diversions Voice and SMS

You can divert calls to international/overseas numbers if your international call service is active


In my case, while on ROAMING, I diverted all the calls  received by my optus number to a local number overseas, and I end up getting charged for the diverted calls.


# my plan includes unlimited calls and sms and 2GB international roaming data to any countries in Zone 1 including the country I’m visiting


Weird part is I am using my Optus number on ROAMING to call and send sms to numbers in Australia and country I am visiting in Zone 1 and I WAS NOT CHARGED.


i am only CHARGED when I diverted calls received by my Optus number to a local number in a country I’m visiting.