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Hey everyone just a quick update from me regarding my order.. (IPhone X 257gb in silver confirmed 10/11) I live chatted Optus on Friday arvo and asked for the status of my order and while we were chatting my order got filled and sent out. Now I never received any info at all that it was filled and sent - no email, no text, no phone call still haven’t. Where you go to see that status by using the order number did update late Friday night and my tracking info from Startrack was also included however I haven’t received anything from Startrack either 🙄 my order just says it is in transit but hasn’t updated the whole weekend. So unsure weather or not Startrack do anything over the weekend but if so I’m hoping my order will be here tomorrow 😊 

Re: IPhone X orders..

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Same thing. Had a text Friday night about mobile streaming being activated. Jumped online to ask Optus what it was about. Guy says your order is on its way gave me the StarTrack number too. Says in transit and Optus say means it will be delivered Monday. Funny thing is I had a delivery from another site delivered today which is weird as it’s a Sunday. Fingers crossed Optus is right and it’s delivered tomorrow. I do know with another previous order it was delivered on time once it had been received by StarTrack so here’s to hoping. Also no confirmation email or text from Optus or StarTrack 

Re: IPhone X orders..


My new status


Re: IPhone X orders..


Friday I was assured delivery today. This morning I was assured delivery today. This afternoon I was assured delivery today. Now oh should be tomorrow. Optus is a joke

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