IPhone 7 Incoming & Outgoing Call Issues


Hey all!! 


I really need some help here!! I've been through the troubleshooting booklet on how to get my calls working but nothing has worked...


I can't recieve calls because when I answer I cannot hear anything & I also don't have the option to use speaker or bluetooth or even my IPhone. It completely blanks out the speaker button! Along with FaceTime and the 'More' option...


I also cannot make calls as I cannot hear anything again. It doesn't call & goes straight to the little time at the top as if my call is connected when it clearly is not....


I don't know what else to do as I need my mobile for work!!! 




Re: IPhone 7 Incoming & Outgoing Call Issues


Hey @H_99, sounds like a strange one. Do you think this might be related to coverage in the area, or is it isolated to the phone itself? Do you have the ability to test another phone to determine this? Our Network Status page also provides some information on network coverage in your area, while this page runs through some basic troubleshooting. Beyond that, may be worth considering the repair process to see what your options are.

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Re: IPhone 7 Incoming & Outgoing Call Issues

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Exactly Same Thing Happening To Me?? Also,, If I get another call or message?? It disconnects me altogether with the person I'm talking too?? Also,, Doesn't ring NO MATTER WHAT I Do??

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