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I have an iPhone X and recently had an accident

Hello there! I have an iPhone X and I recently had an accident where I dropped my phone at work and the back of my phone has been cracked. I have insurance cover (19$ per month) on my plan , and I'd like to inquire about a replacement phone. Would this be covered? and someone said if I pay $250 will get new iPhone X is that the refurbished one or new?

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Re: I have an iPhone X and recently had an accident


Read down the bottom of here for the process

You will have to pay a $175 excess regardless.

There is no $250 "get a new phone" option. If your phone needs to be replaced then Optus Insurance may send you a new or refurbished one at their discretion (And the excess on that is $350). But for damage like a cracked case they'll just fix it and send it back

Optus do offer a replacement phone while yours is being repaired, but it seems very hit and miss. Each store just decides based on their own criteria and availability. You should have the phone back in around 2 weeks. Perhaps check out the cost of a repair in a shopping centre. If its $200 it might be cheaper and quicker that way.

FWIW I've always though $500 is a lot to pay for insuring a single phone. Perhaps look into contents insurance options if available to you. I use GIO that has a roaming insurance that covers accidental breakage of anything anywhere up to $5000 a year. 

There's also AppleCare which I can't see prices on but would seem to be much less than $500 for 24 months?

Peter Gillespie

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