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New Contributor Josie55
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Fraud caller??

Dear Sir/Madam I was expecting a call from a travel agent, but had a missed call while driving. When I returned the call, the person did not answer, so I tried later again, but to no avail. I naturally returned the call, thinking it was her, but because nobody replied, I thought I'd check the number online as it was not one on my contacts' list. The online listings scared me that it could be a fraud caller who's faking a local number, but really. an overseas one. Please advise me. That caller's number was: +61422728120 Thank you. <Hidden>

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Re: Fraud caller??

Hi Jo,


This is a public forum so best not to publish personal details like your name and phone number. Much more potentially dangerous than answering overseas calls.


No one here can advise you on those numbers. No particular danger in calling them if they don't answer. The concern is if they do answer. These days you will have actually trying an expensive per minute 'service'. They will try keep you on the line as long as possible.


In general I recommend do not call back numbers you don't recognise. Generally scanners will ring for one second and hang up so you get a missed call message.


Peter Gillespie

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