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I had chatted with the live chat service team with the option of upgrade my existing plan to the $59 iphone 8 promotion, althought they had advise me that's only for new number, but as a long term customer they can offer me with $74 plan with iphone 8 plus, and they said that i can come back to confirm with the same offer with any staff.

Today i woudl like to confirm this offer with them, end up with very disappointed experience, and misleading information.

I had saved the offer conversation in case they deny what they said, which this happen very often...(very unproffesional services).

Is anyone can suggest me where i can complain about this? the complain button is not working on their page... and the call center not working today...I am very disappoint how they treat the long term customer...i am planing to go to fair trade about the misleading info


PS seem the live chat staff is the same person but using different name...

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Fair trading is probably not all that effective. Casual offers and negotiations are not really something that's easy to enforce (until you actually sign a contract either party is usually free to walk away from any planned deal.) 


You are probably best writting a letter to Optus for a formal complaint. Unlikely to have much impact but you will get a response.


Looking at the website today the iPhone 8 plus is available on plan for $78 (to any one). This is however on lease - something I would hardly ever suggest as a good idea (you never own the phone and are 100% liable for replacing it in the event of loss or damage)


I'd suggest you try contact Optus again on livechat. There is more than one operator and they vary in knowledge and skill. A no answer from one operator is just as likely to be the wrong answer as a yes from another - in a nutshell, try again and you may find the $74 deal is possible (just check its not a lease)




Peter Gillespie


Re: Existing customer upgrade plan


Move to another company optus dont look after loyal customers 

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