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New Contributor Tkaay
New Contributor

Exchange policy on iPhone 6s

  My boyfriend recently bought me an iPhone 6s for my birthday but he got the 32 GB instead I wanted to 64 GB am I able to exchange it for a bigergigabyte phone ? I got told if  the package is not open that I'm still allowed to return it is this true ? He spent a lot of money 

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Exchange policy on iPhone 6s

Must be love Smiley Happy


Change of mind purchases is at the discretion of the seller. But if the box is unopen it should be quite possible. Only difficulty is dealing with the people that sold him the phone in the first place. Was it online Optus or a store? 


You should just pop into a Optus store in any case with the box and see if a kindly assistant will let you swap it and pay the $ difference (it will be on the difference in the in store price, not the price your boyfriend paid)




Peter Gillespie

RetiredModerator Steph_C

Re: Exchange policy on iPhone 6s

Hey @Tkaay if the seal is still intact and the box is unopened it's best to head back to the store he purchased it from to organise a refund/ exchange.

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