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Deleting from webmail



How do I delete spam and trash in webmail in one go instead off highlighting and having to pick them one by one. Also does anyone have the problem of not being able to go to next page when deleting from your inbox. It just shows ones I want to keep but it won’t take me further so I can delete old ones. Please tell me there is an easier way than deleting one by one.




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Hi thanks for reaching out to us, @Malley. Check out this link with more info on Webmail troubleshooting. Any questions let us know. Kartik

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Re: Deleting from webmail


Sorry this does not help me .

could you please let me know a easy way to delete trash and in box from webmail instead of selecting one by one.


regards malley

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Sorry this link doesn’t answer my question. Any other suggestions.

thanks Malley

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This doesn’t help. Any more ideas.


From Malley

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Hey @Malley


We do have a spam filter built into Optus webmail. To activate the spam filter, you'd need to head to → You'd still need to go ahead and highlight the emails within your spam filter you wish to delete. I'm pretty sure it displays up to 200 per page. Let us know how you go.


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Why is it that you ask a simple question and all you get is a lot of absolutely useless info back.

I had to find out the following for myself:

When logged in on webmail you will see a black section on the left hand side of the screen.

Below the word actions you will see a number of choices including folders, contacts, settings and desk top version.

Click on desk top version which will open the webmail in a different aetting.

Choose which folder you want to delete emails from eg. Inbox

At the top of all the messages you will see the logo for settings with a drop down arrow.

Click on the arrow and hit select all. That will now select all the emails on the open page.

Click the trash can and they will all delete without having to select one by one.

Hope this is whart you wanted to know.

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But you can only delete 200 at a time (one page) and if you have 3,400 in Trash and then go to Spam you'll find that all the (only 345) spam goes to Trash and you have to start all over again. Plus the Spam filter only picks up about 10% of my spam. It's a very frustrating filter.


Anyone know how to get another spam filter to work within Optus webmail that is effective? I complained about the spam filter years ago and nothing has improved.

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