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Data excess 14gb


 This morning I began getting txt messages from optus about data allowance starting at 2gigs I have a 4gb allowance the first group at 9am added 5gigs extra at $10 a go.

I made sure noting strange was going open on my phone then went back to work thinking it was a mix up. Then at 12.30 I got 9 more upgrades. I turned off all the data usage called optus they eventually told me it was suspicious as all the data usage is unknown "browsing" and recommended i reset the phone so I did and after I got another excess usage txt! Im now down 14gb in excess data 17.1gb in total. I usually dont go over the allowance and cant think of how this could happen. I feel like I may have been hacked or theres an issue on optus side. 

The messages started when i Arrived at work so I was connected to the wifi there. This is a public wifi set up could that have been an issue?

Theres no sign of this use in my iphones settings shouldnt I see what app was using all that data?

I understand these messages can be delayed so is it possible to tell what time the data was consumed?

I got trend micro security app to monitor the data use through the app it seems to be normal now.

Pretty freaked out!



Re: Data excess 14gb


Have you got the My Optus App installed? 

Customers can view their data breakdown however one of the categories is Daily Use, Narrowed down to the time data was consumed is not available.

You can learn more here Understanding and Managing Your Data Usage

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