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New Contributor RyanChristian
New Contributor

Apple Watch series 4

I just upgraded to the iPhone XS Max in store at miranda. 

I wanted to bundle with the Apple Watch series 4 44mm, but they didn’t have any in stock. I wanted them both together but the salesman in miranda told me I could add the Apple Watch online when I went home and it would be fine (he knew because he had done the same thing and was waiting on his watch to be delivered) 

when I got online though they tell me this is not possible to add the watch?!?

can someone please tell me if I have to go into store to add the watch or what I can do ? I wanted them together and was assured I could do it. I wouldn’t have got the phone today if I wasn’t able to get the watch as well.


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Occasional Contributor SantoshL
Occasional Contributor

Re: Apple Watch series 4

You can go back to the store and add on when they have stock. 

Online is not possible. I preordered phone and watch but due to Optus’s incapability to deliver what is promised I had to cancel the order and got phone through Apple store and I am going to add watch when stock is available at store. 

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Moderator Zac_D

Re: Apple Watch series 4

Hey @RyanChristian and @SantoshL,


Apologies for any confusion with the process here.


If your account number starts with 62, you can add the Apple Watch on to your account as a stand alone product when they are in stock. This can only be processed in our retail stores. Our Online Sales and Telesales Teams can't add an Apple Watch to your account after the order is processed. If your account number doesn't start with 62, not to worry, your services will be migrated over to our new billing system eventually and you will be able to place your order. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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