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It seems like a huge prob for optus... seems like 2 options Apple takes returns/refunds on watches within 2 weeks or go to Telstra but theyre more expensive...

Re: Apple Watch number share


I just bought Apple Watch Series 4 today & when I attempt to set up my mobile thru my watch app I get an error message “please call customer care. We cannot process your request at this time. Please call Optus Customer Care on 133937 for more information“ 


I have chatted with several people on live call without success! Just gone around in circles. So frustrating. 


I can’t  believe a year later Optus is still having issues with this!!!! Does anyone have a resolution?


Here is my escalated number 19534292 if anyone can help????     

Re: Apple Watch number share


Hey @Jodester, that reference number is actually a fault ticket, meaning your issue has been escalated to the highest tier for resolution. Hopefully we can have this sorted soon.

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Re: Apple Watch number share


Dear Optus, 

I recently received my Apple Watch 4 Cellular two weeks ago. Everything was working fine until this afternoon when I decided to use cellular for the first time during my jog to listen to the podcasts. The podcasts app stated "Mobile Data is Turned Off" even though on the My Watch tap shows that it is connected to the Optus network with full signal. Please note that I am able to make and receive calls with my Apple Watch. 


I kindly request that you fix this problem as a matter of urgency. I currently have 2 contracted plans and 2 postpaid contracts with Optus will be moving in the foreseeable future if this problem is not fixed in due course. Thank you. 



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